Why Choose DASH Sports?

The reasons for choosing DASH Sports leagues, camps and/or programs for your child are virtually endless. DASH Sports creates a fun, safe, and encouraging environment for your kids to learn to play a variety of sports. As a parent of a DASH Sport participant, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • All of our programs, camps and leagues put the emphasis on having FUN!
  • Our fun-first programs help to FOSTER A PASSION FOR SPORTS.
  • We offer very SAFE PROGRAMS.
  • Our wide variety of program offerings ensures that we offer programs at CONVENIENT TIMES and LOCATIONS
  • Our programs offer children with a great way to STAY ACTIVE.
  • All DASH participants will LEARN the proper way to play a variety of sports.
  • Both parents and children will also have a chance to meet NEW FRIENDS.
  • Did we mention that all DASH Programs, Camps and Leagues are FUN!?!


At DASH Sports, the emphasis is always placed on having fun. The end goal might be to learn and improve, but success in sport starts with having fun and enjoying the games. We make sure that we always put fun first ALL THE TIME, and let the learning happen naturally. Kids that have fun playing sports will continue playing for years and years, and that is also one of our main goals, but it all starts with having FUN!


Because we make playing sports so much fun, all DASH Sports participants will end up developing a real love of playing sports, and that passion will last a lifetime.


Our programs are taught in a safe and encouraging manner. Accidents in sports do happen sometimes, but we limit the risk by teaching kids the proper way to do play, and by also by keeping things fun, safe, and non-competitive.


We offer a variety of programs at a variety of convenient times and locations. We offer after school and early evening programs, weekend leagues and camps, day-time drop-ins, summer break day camps, winter break day camps, and PA/PD day camps, etc. All of our programs run in Oakville, Burlington, Hamliton, Milton, Mississauga and Georgetown. With all those options, we know weíve got something thatís just right for you and your children!


Did you know that This yearís Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card gave us a D- in overall physical activity? Kids need to stay active, and DASH Sports can help. Not only do we get kids moving and playing, but we teach them the proper way to play a variety of sports and we place an emphasis on making sports fun, so that we can help encourage kids to continue playing and to live happy, healthy lives.


At DASH Sports we believe that the best way to ensure that kids stay active is to teach them the proper way to play. If children learn the proper way to play certain sports at a young age, then they will carry that knowledge with them for the rest of their lives and will enjoy those sports even more. By laying that foundation, DASH kids will have a solid foundation for success in sports for the rest of their lives.


BY playing and having fun with many other children, DASH kids will quickly make lots of new friends. Parents are just as likely to make new friends, simply by meeting other parents, and sharing common interests.


Yes, we know we already mentioned this, but we canít emphasize this point enough: Sports are supposed to be FUN, and we make sure that having fun is always the main priority. Making sure that every participant has FUN is always our focus, and it is what we do best!

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